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Todd L. Shimkus, CCE -President Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce

Our team of professionals involved in tourism promotion and economic development as well as the private sector were so impressed with the Rehavior team, their expertise and that they delivered to us in such a short time frame. Our community has a significant hospitality sector and our two largest generators of visitors every summer are both closed. So getting a chance to learn what past visitors to Saratoga were thinking in a COVID-19 world and what would motivate them to visit again was a huge gift to our community. We changed our promotional content because of the survey results and the fact that 71% of the 3,000+ respondents said they still plan to visit in the next 6 months gave us real hope. When local and national media have asked us how our community can survive with no fans at the Saratoga Race Course and with no concerts at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, we now have real data that helps us to show that we’re adapting in ways that make sense and that if we do so we’ll be okay. We can’t thank the Rehavior team enough for helping us to begin the economic recovery process here in Saratoga County, New York.


Darryl Leggieri -President Saratoga Convention & Tourism Bureau

I am extremely delighted to recommend to you the exemplary services of Rehavior. They helped us in discovering what to say, how to say it, and to whom.
When Covid-19 hit our destination in upstate New York, it was hard to tell who was willing to travel. Who and how many people are really going to visit us? Thanks to the expertise of the talented professionals at Rehavior, we now have this information.

Dr. Ken Rotondo and his team took the time to explain every step, and they also took the time to listen to our goals for this project. They assisted us in creating a detailed survey that evaluated what messages might resonate, and what safety precautions our businesses would have to take for respondents to feel safe and comfortable. With that valuable information we were able to create a meaningful and targeted marketing campaign for our summer and fall seasons.


Stand up to cancer

Stand Up to Cancer wanted to maximize donations by using the right messaging during an ABC, CBS, and NBC simulcast. Rehavior mapped their database and stratified it into 4 groups defined by key motivational interests, then helped design messages that addressed each of these groups. The result was an increase of 35% in donation response, with $100 million raised in one hour.

American Heart Association

The AHA wanted to improve email fundraising efforts without negatively impacting individuals who signed up for reasons other than donation solicitations. Using Rehavior to remap the email database, our team uncovered key interests and matched these to four key groups. We then helped the AHA create email nurturing campaigns that spoke to the recipients’ subscriber motivations in each of these groups. Donation rates increased by 42%.

St. Mary's Health Association

St. Mary’s Hospital (NY) wanted to reduce less-than-30-day re-admissions due to non-compliance for patients with congestive heart failure. Rehavior used its HMI and methodology to aid the hospital staff in easily identifying patients’ motivational viewpoints, then helped them create messages that encouraged patient compliance and, ultimately, led to better quality of life for the patient. Additionally, the hospital staff that participated in this study reported a higher degree of job satisfaction through more engaging patient interaction. Overall, Rehavior helped St. Mary’s reduce re-admissions by 80%.

Cornell University

Cornell wanted to maximize donations during our current economic downturn as well as understand differences in giving sentiment between alumni and friends. Rehavior mapped their database and separated alumni and friends into 4 groups, classed by motivational interest, with messaging styled for each. At a time when universities were realizing negative to flat gains in donations, Rehavior helped Cornell realize a gain of 11% in mailing dollars over the previous year, and a 2% increase in the number of donors.


FLOR wanted to identify and better understand its best-customer prospects and create messages that boosted retention and sales. Rehavior helped FLOR isolate prospects’ interests into 3 groups, then prepared messaging tailored to each group. The result: an average increase in sales of 31% across the 3 groups.


Trupanion, a leading provider of pet insurance, was looking for ways to increase conversion rates company-wide, including web conversons, call center conversions, and field sales. Rehavior helped them segment pet owners into 3 key groups, then identified how to speak to these groups in a way that best helped them understand the health insurance product. The results were a 25% increase in web sales, a 40% conversion in phone sales and a 50% conversion for in-person sales.


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